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Summer's Swarm

A sixteen-year-old boy leaves a path of destruction as an army of thousands cross the vast Frontier in search of a homeland with plentiful food and water…

At the same time, disturbing visions regarding a massive invasion disrupt Queen Althea’s and Prince Kendrick’s sleep. The unexpected arrival of the estranged mystical Uncle Richard elevates Althea’s fear—as proof of his abilities are revealed when he foretells of their son’s difficult birth.

To save his son from a prophesied death, Kendrick and Oscar execute an assassination plot to halt the future invasion of Manshire…

As for Althea… Believing Kendrick and Oscar have died, and running out of time, she must make some quick, defensive decisions based on the vague interpretations of a mystic she does not trust; or lend her ear to her children who have occasionally demonstrated gifts for simple but powerful solutions.

Will it be new schemes, well thought-out tactics, or her children’s direction that will ultimately save Manshire?

Or, will Manshire finally fall to an army of thousands?




Prince Argo has arranged the deaths of his older sister and two brothers—and declared himself next to wear the crown.

Now the king, his deceptive and clever planning skills set in motion, hoists a multifaceted revenge scheme to overthrow Manshire Province. Kidnapping Queen Althea’s younger sisters initiates a whirlwind sequence of events threatening the lives of the Manshire Queen, the Captain of the Long Bows, the Queen’s husband, and the province.

Lieutenant Charles Cromwell, Argo’s Field Commander, has trained a militia four times larger than the Manshire Long Bow Knights. His vast battle experience makes him the perfect leader for Argo’s scheme.

The scheme is so well planned; the first elusive clues evade Captain Oscar until the ransom letter arrives. Oscar must marshal all of his skills and separate reality from ruse provided by mysterious characters with ties to Argo.

Will Queen Althea, Captain Oscar, and his son, Kendrick, save Manshire from a crushing defeat? On short notice, can they out-think Argo with his well developed plans, and ultimately prevent Argo’s blatant assassination threats?




Oscar, trusted knight of the king, is about to be exposed.

Despite abduction, assassination plots, and jealousy, the princess and her true identity has been kept a secret.The king’s most distrusted enemy, Archbishop Thomas, has been kept in the dark.

Until now . . .

And time is running out.

The Archbishop has collected every resource he needs to execute his plot, the invaders from the north are raiding deeper into the country, and the king’s recent health has become a concern. The truth of the princess becomes even clearer when Kendrick, Oscar’s son, meets the princess.

Can Althea’s and Kendrick’s relationship endure the challenges that threaten them? Will the princess survive long enough to become queen?And what of Oscar, trusted knight of the king?

Will the truth, finally and completely, end his own life as well as the life of his only son?