After family, Sage the dog, and biking; writing is my joy. I am sixty going on twenty-one and look forward to writing everyday.

My career as a small business manager was cut short by Parkinson’s Disease, but a new hobby of writing travel journals, sprinkled with a little encouragement from family and friends, sparked a desire to test my writing skills.

I live in a town named Bountiful. It is fitting—as my life has been blessed with many good things. One of which is, I married my high school sweetheart. We enjoy our friends, the outdoors, and travel.

Early short stories were posted on free e-book sites and developed a small following. It was, however, large enough to attempt a short book. The book was disappointing even for a first book, but the experience was invaluable.

Falling back on my small business experience, I found a writing coach/editor Kathryn Elizabeth Jones of Idea Creations Press, and assembled a team of book reviewers—surrounding myself with the best people: Bob and LaNeil Andes, Robin White, Lynda Logan, Kim Logan, Melanie Nish, Cindy Paret, Nate Paret and Jonathon Nish.

Winter’s Thief is my third book, and the first book of a tetralogy. Watch for Spring’s Saboteurs to be released August 31, 2015.

Notes and Blurbs on Winter’s Thief

Winter’s Thief covers the twenty-years of the struggling relationships within the Manshire monarchy and the most powerful people in the kingdom.

The book is good entertainment with mystery, drama, romance, and humor. Audiences of all ages will enjoy reading and escaping to Manshire.

Winter’s Thief has received high reviews from all who have read it.

Bravo, Bravo. Loved the book. It kept me reading until I finished… Job well done! When is the next one? – Robin White, Life/Health Products Representative, book reviewer.

This book is fantasy and I loved it—based in probably 1600’s—kept my interest throughout the many twists and turns… Described the area so well that it placed me in the book… Few authors can get me to stay up reading after 1 A.M. since I get up at 4:30 A.M… I just couldn’t find a spot to stop… A very good story line, plenty of action and excitement. A strong story line, with plenty of twists and turns to keep your interest. An unexpected twist in the plot in last part. And a very satisfying ending. Left me wanting another of his books. Good job Andean White… I love it. – Lynda Logan, book reviewer, Mother, and avid reader.

Great story. – Rebecca Maxfield, book editor.

Book Donations

Dopamine, authored under the pen name Leo N. Ardo, is a mini-book containing three short stories about life with Parkinson’s disease.

Eight hundred copies of Dopamine have been distributed through Parkinson’s Disease chapters and support groups.

Parkinson’s Disease donation

1.0% to 1.5% of the population has Parkinson’s disease—odds are someone on your street has Parkinson’s.

Statistically, one, two, maybe three people on most major flights are affected with Parkinson’s. A concert of 20,000 people will have 200 to 300 patients struggling daily with a disease that reveals itself in a long list of debilitating symptoms. The most visible is a shaking hand, chin, arm, leg, or foot.

20% of all profits will be donated to Parkinson’s disease research.