Bicycles – The Most Efficient Transportation Method Available

Bicycles - the most efficient transportation method available. The Dandy Horse was the first tandem two-wheeled vehicle. The rider’s walking propelled it. The inventor of the first mechanically propelled bike remains a mystery, although some evidence points to a Scottish blacksmith around 1839, or a Frenchman who developed the Penny-Farthing.

In the 1860’s pedals were added to an enlarged front wheel.

Wire spoke wheels were introduced about 1869 followed by the rear wheel chain drive, and the tube seat. Pneumatic tires greatly improved comfort in 1888.


Oh my, how they changed our lives. . .

Bicycles - the most efficient transportation method available. China – Subway Terminal

China claims to have over 425 million bicycle owners. It is their number one mode of transportation.

Very few of the bicycles pictured here have anti-theft locks.



Bicycles - the most efficient transportation method available. Three bicycles crossing a highway in China—one is loaded with cargo. The bicycles and motorbikes wait in the striped area then cross when there is a gap in traffic.

Later, the same day, a bicyclist hauling several twenty-foot lengths of pipe in a traffic circle amazed us.



mexicobike4<< Coba, Mexico – Bike Rental Shop
The bikes outside the shop were used for parts.



washingtondcbike5Washington DC >>
Commercialized biking – popularity growing rapidly at tourist destinations.





Milan, Italy






Coba, Mexico




Florence, Italy

The fastest recorded speed on a bike is 83+ miles per hour.










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italybike9Florence, Italy

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