Desire – to wish or long for; want, crave . . .

There are hundreds of vendors providing advice and services for writing and/or publishing a book—pricing ranges from $0.00 to $10,000.00 plus. Some vendors claim their “writing pill” can turn writers into an overnight success; while others take a more realistic long-term approach. However, without desire nothing will be published.

Having come from a technical background, my reading tends to be more about the how-to process, and what made writers successful. A majority say they had been writing for five to ten years before becoming an overnight success; And, most describing it as a time of struggle, doubt, and thoughts of giving up.

Writing is a lonely business filled with critiques, book reviews, and editing—in the early years, most have a discouraging tone. Desire refreshes perspective. It helps a writer cherish the single grain of hope offered by a reviewer, and find value in the five negative points.

With many exits and only a few on-ramps, writing is like a highway. There are stories of writers who took one of the exits because of children, new job demands, and a number of other valid reasons. But, we can find just as many encouraging stories of mothers, or fathers, getting up an hour earlier, or writing while waiting to pick-up children, or having the oil changed.

tree of books I am suggesting that desire is the key ingredient to success. Without it, a writer never recovers from the negative reviews, quits searching for solutions, or stops seeking help and encouragement from mentors.

Writers have hundreds of tasks to be mindful of: show don’t tell, using the five senses, less is more, adjusting tension, appropriate research, plot twists, and so much more. Desire focuses the mind with laser like efficiency on the tasks that are needed and prevents the remaining tasks from being a distraction.

The desire to publish a quality book reinforces the logic of scrapping the first fifty pages, which took a month to write, because the story gets exciting at page fifty-one.

A last thought — I am so envious of authors with natural writing talent and desire, as they have the top two elements of success.

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BAheadshotAndean White
– Author of Heroic Fantasy
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As a young boy at family gatherings, I recall listening to the men after a meal. The opinions around the subjects of politics, car brands, hippies, and rock n roll filled the room with energy like aromatic smoke from a pipe. But, when the story telling began everyone found a seat or patch of floor. We sat for hours absorbing the stories, fact or fiction, that shaped who we became and it strengthened our imaginations. Fifty years later I know that a world without imagination would be pretty boring.

Retirement came a little earlier than wanted. I decided it was time for that dream job. Three years later, I am an aspiring writer telling stories that hopefully guides a reader’s imagination to a world of excitement, and provide a brief rest from the everyday duties.

Winter’s Thief is the first of a three book series. Soft cover books available at your favorite Internet bookstore, or at the website The e-book version is available at

Author: Andean White

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