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The Book

I practiced for two plus years on short stories before starting on Winter’s Thief, a 270-page novel about hero’s, heroines, revenge, secrets, plots and counter plots. It started as a whim, but ended as a heroic fantasy that has received stellar reviews. Winter’s Thief tells the twenty-year story of the people touched by the life of a secretly adopted princess, and reveals the twisted relationships of a trusted knight, a barren queen, an adopted princess, superbly dysfunctional families, and a farm boy.

The Author

I retired about three years ago having worked for several small companies producing interesting products—cutting edge medical equipment including an artificial heart, high-speed media duplication and backyard game courts. I was also the owner of a fly-fishing distribution warehouse.

Andean White is a pen name. It is a symbol meant to honor the legacy of two families—Andes, from my father’s side, and White, from my mother’s side. Originally, I had planned to use Andy White, but a search revealed several well-known Andy’s. While exploring for a different first name, I continued to run across “Andean” used to describe anything associated with the Andes Mountains—and voila, Andean White.

The Life

Being a full-time author is inspiring, rewarding, and challenging. It has its moments. For example, the frustration that builds after spending twenty minutes to find the right word, then changing the whole paragraph the next day. Or, taking a week to write the first fifty pages and a week later deciding the story actually starts on page fifty-one.

On the other hand, being in the zone as the story flows from my fingertips is a most rewarding experience.

The Blog

The blogs will be about my writing experiences hoping to provide useful information, links, and lists for new writers.

Medieval blogs will be found here—day in the life of a medieval boy, food options, clothing, battle strategy, armor, etc.

Featured guest blogs will also be presented in both categories.

Other Stuff

More information is available on the website

Winter’s Thief is self-published through Idea Creations Press. If you enjoyed it, please tell your friends—word of mouth is still the best advertising. Thank you.



BAheadshotAndean White
– Author of Heroic Fantasy
Twitter: @AndeanWhite

As a young boy at family gatherings, I recall listening to the men after a meal. The opinions around the subjects of politics, car brands, hippies, and rock n roll filled the room with energy like aromatic smoke from a pipe. But, when the story telling began everyone found a seat or patch of floor. We sat for hours absorbing the stories, fact or fiction, that shaped who we became and it strengthened our imaginations. Fifty years later I know that a world without imagination would be pretty boring.

Retirement came a little earlier than wanted. I decided it was time for that dream job. Three years later, I am an aspiring writer telling stories that hopefully guides a reader’s imagination to a world of excitement, and provide a brief rest from the everyday duties.

Winter’s Thief is the first of a three book series. Soft cover books available at your favorite Internet bookstore, or at The e-book version is available at




Author: Andean White

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