The Bali Mystery – An intoxicating blend of mystery, missing person, and Moore

Amelia Moore Detective Series by Linda Weaver Clarke

The Bali Mystery is the first book in the Amelia Moore Detective Series by Linda Weaver Clarke.The Bali Mystery is the first book in the Amelia Moore Detective Series by Linda Weaver Clarke.

Amelia has been finding people for a while, and two years ago hired Rick Bonito. She is a type “A” business first personality. He is a type “B” life first hunk. There relationship is the very definition of opposites attract.

The story follows Amelia and Rick to Bali looking for a man that mysteriously disappeared early one morning. Their only clues are a vague personal journal and a travel brochure.

Bribery, car chases, guns, kidnapping, and hi-tech gadgetry work against the two detectives, who must decide if the two scary men in black suits are good or bad guys.

The character and setting descriptions are blended into the story and easily create strong visuals for the reader. Suspense is sprinkled artfully throughout the book. This is that perfect book for a snowy weekend or the beach—if you were lucky enough to get tickets before the blizzard shut down the airport. I read it in one Saturday sitting and was thoroughly entertained.

Linda presents this well written cozy mystery with a nice balance of romantic scenes and detective work. It is for young-adult and adult readers. Rated PG.

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