Two Weeks in France – Part 1

It stirs the imagination when standing in a location, touching a stonewall, or walking up narrow streets that the buildings could be a few hundred to a thousand years old. France is full of history, beautiful art, and there’s a museum on every corner. And, many of the buildings and landmarks are in good condition.

Outside of Paris about one hour and fifteen minutes is Vernon—a pocket of art and history. On the way, a stop at Monet’s home and garden is a real treat.

japanese bridgeOscar – Claude Monet and other artists turned the art world upside down with impressionism. Many of his paintings can be visualized while walking the grounds of his estate.

Monet’s home, in Giverny, is open to the public. There are hundreds of sketches, and paintings displayed inside.

A few kilometers from Giverny is Vernon. But, before crossing back over the bridge, check out the Old Mill and Tourelles Castle.

castle120914Across the bridge is Our Lady Collegiate Church. Built in the 1600’s, it is one of the first structures to combine Romanesque and Gothic architectures. It is original except for the windows that were destroyed during world war two.

archivetowerFour blocks northwest is the Archive Tower and Ruins Medieval Castle. Built in the late twelfth century by king Philippe Auguste. The walls were partially crumbled before WWII bombing destroyed most of the walls.

It is a drive well worth the time.

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